Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bringing out my inner pinkness!

Yes, I have new running shoes...and yes they are PINK!

I generally try to avoid pink clothes - I blame it on my mother dressing me in too much pink as a baby! But I have say the post-30 me is growing to like pink....hence my new PINK Saucony Omni 7 running shoes! Honestly, its the only color Omni 7 the running store had, so I will embrace the pink and move on! Anyway....I think my old shoes will take up residence in the trunk of my car to avoid another race disaster!

Continuing on the pink trend, I'm actually thinking about ordering a pink running shirt for the "Bad Girls of Running" challenge - something like this....Thoughts?


Nicole said...

I used to hate pink too, but turning 30 must change ya.
It's an adorable tee in pink!

Pokey said...

I am totally a non-pink gal too! But I LOVE the shirt!!!

Maddy said...

It's funny, because I was probably about 32 before I really liked pink and now I really like it.

I love that t-shirt. I think I need one.