Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My 3rd Market Sqaure 10k!

Yes, It's been 10 days since my big 10k and I finally have time to sit down and write about it!

If you don't live in New England it has been raining for the last 40 days, BUT it didn't rain on June 13th, the day of the race! It was nearly 90, sunny, and humid. I haven't had a chance to train in humid weather because of the rain, so the race itself was a bit rough.

My best friend G and my goddaughter Iz, along with my DH, came to the race to cheer me on. The beginning of the race went well - HOT, but well. The course is out in the sun for 3.5 miles, then moved into some older neighborhoods with SHADE! I knew I needed to keep a 11:30 pace to get a PR and managed it until mile 3...then the heat started getting to me. At each water stop I would grab a cup and refill my handheld water bottle.....I think I drank 30oz of water in 6 miles! Even in the heat, the Portsmouth spectators were great - kids had hoses out we could run through and people had radios blasting " made me feel like I could do this!

I did walk twice during the race, once over a highway overpass and once at a hill at mile 5. Mile 5 to 6 is uphill and I wanted to walk, but I walked just up the first bump and shuffled the rest. So I finished the race in my second best 10k time - 1:12:27.....last year I ran it in 1:12:24...3 SECONDS !! I've been kicking myself about walking, but as my husband said - "At least you're consistent!"

So I'm consistent! What's next....stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last week of 10k training!

Hello all!
This is my last week of my 10k training! This training seems different from previous training programs. One big difference is - NO PAIN! I've been diligent about trigger point massage on my left quad, which seems be helping my IT band issues. But, I think the biggest change is my attitude. I don't seem to care if I go fast or not. I mean, I'd love to run a 10 minute mile, but if I run a 12 or 13 mm, and I am happy doing it, who cares how long it takes me! I read somewhere having a positive attitude is better than having physical strength. Since I know I'll never have the physical strength of the elites, I guess that leaves me with the positive attitude!

So my 5th 10k is Saturday.....wish me luck!