Friday, November 20, 2009

PR at my second Half marathon!

I finished my second half marathon!!! WOOHOOO!

It wasn't my fastest 13 mile run (I did that 4 weeks before the race,) but I finshed and dropped about 4 minutes off my official time - My new Half PR to beat is 2:45:12! L finished about a minute ahead of me with a time of 2:43:58! She rocked it! My legs were DEAD after mile 10, and she took off the last mile and a half. I couldn't go any faster! My brain wanted to sprint, but my legs were barely moving! I'm not sure what when wrong. Maybe too little food for breakfast? Too little GU? I'm guessing it was a combination of too little running the last 2 weeks before the race (I was sick for a week, then I had a quad strain) and lack of strength. My legs were so sore after the race I could barely lift them. I'm never THAT sore! So lessons learned from the second half marathon:

1. Cross train! Build strength in my quads and gluts.
2. Don't taper too soon - I had no choice being sick, then pulling my quad, but in the future I will only taper a week.
3. EAT! I need to experiment with more pre-race foods. The english muffin I've been eating before all my runs isn't cutting it!

So what's next? L and I are using a Runner's World "Smart Coach" plan to train through the winter. My only goal right now is to keep running through the snowy months!!

I'll try to blog more - I promise!

Monday, October 12, 2009

World Wide Half

L and I had a great fall run on the Seacoast Half Marathon course. It was just a training run, but we both got a half marathon PR at 2:43:51!! Hope a repeat performance at the real Seacoast Half in 4 weeks!

I posted my time to the World Wide Festival of Races that was held this weekend.....1500 people running all over the cool is that!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I can't believe it.....

I can't believe I haven't blogged in a month!
I can't believe I've made it to Week 7(of 15) of Half Marathon Training with no major injuries!
I can't believe I finished the Saunders 10k, August 20, 3 minutes faster than last year!
I can't believe I finished the Fox Point Sunset 5 Miler, Sept 12, in just 53:28! I 10:40min/mile!
I can't believe my one year wedding anniversary is less than a month away!
I can't believe it....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Half Marathon training Week 4!

Yes it's true. I've made it to week 4 of my half marathon training! It's been VERY hot here in new hampshire, but I've managed most of my scheduled runs. This week is a 8, 4, 4 week, but I have a 10k race tomorrow so I'm shifting the schedule to a 4,6,4 week. I'll post a full race report by the weekend.

So the question of the week is, what to call our team of 2 (L and I) for the half marathon race? Some ideas are:
2 fast 2 fabulous
Super heros in training
13.1 Double L
Gu & Brew

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Half Marathon training has begun!

Yup, you read that right....I'm going to run a half marathon AGAIN!

This time I'm training with L and her husband using the training plan from Galloway's Book on Running by Jeff Galloway. Galloway has a pretty basic half marathon training plan that includes 3 days of running and 3 days of XT. The longest run in the training plan is 17 miles!! My hope is I will be able to RUN the whole half marathon, instead of running 10 miles and walking 3.1!

I just finished week one of training with a 2.6 mile, 2.8 mile and 6 mile run for a total of 11.2 miles for the week. I'm also walking 5 days a week (during lunch) and doing pilates twice a week. No wonder my legs are tired today!

If you are new to Jeff Galloway, check out:

If you are looking for a fall marathon or half marathon in New England, check out:


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My 3rd Market Sqaure 10k!

Yes, It's been 10 days since my big 10k and I finally have time to sit down and write about it!

If you don't live in New England it has been raining for the last 40 days, BUT it didn't rain on June 13th, the day of the race! It was nearly 90, sunny, and humid. I haven't had a chance to train in humid weather because of the rain, so the race itself was a bit rough.

My best friend G and my goddaughter Iz, along with my DH, came to the race to cheer me on. The beginning of the race went well - HOT, but well. The course is out in the sun for 3.5 miles, then moved into some older neighborhoods with SHADE! I knew I needed to keep a 11:30 pace to get a PR and managed it until mile 3...then the heat started getting to me. At each water stop I would grab a cup and refill my handheld water bottle.....I think I drank 30oz of water in 6 miles! Even in the heat, the Portsmouth spectators were great - kids had hoses out we could run through and people had radios blasting " made me feel like I could do this!

I did walk twice during the race, once over a highway overpass and once at a hill at mile 5. Mile 5 to 6 is uphill and I wanted to walk, but I walked just up the first bump and shuffled the rest. So I finished the race in my second best 10k time - 1:12:27.....last year I ran it in 1:12:24...3 SECONDS !! I've been kicking myself about walking, but as my husband said - "At least you're consistent!"

So I'm consistent! What's next....stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last week of 10k training!

Hello all!
This is my last week of my 10k training! This training seems different from previous training programs. One big difference is - NO PAIN! I've been diligent about trigger point massage on my left quad, which seems be helping my IT band issues. But, I think the biggest change is my attitude. I don't seem to care if I go fast or not. I mean, I'd love to run a 10 minute mile, but if I run a 12 or 13 mm, and I am happy doing it, who cares how long it takes me! I read somewhere having a positive attitude is better than having physical strength. Since I know I'll never have the physical strength of the elites, I guess that leaves me with the positive attitude!

So my 5th 10k is Saturday.....wish me luck!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where have I been?

Well it's been almost three weeks since I blogged last. Where have I been!
Well, after the Gettysburg trip, I had a another work trip to Portland ME. I ran a 5 mile loop around the Back Bay (or Back Cove as they now call it - someone explain that to me please!) while in Portland. I ran with a colleague of mine who is a FAST runner and it took me 4 days to recover! I was so sore!
I've been keeping up with the 10k plan for the the most part. I've been trying to run 3 days a week at the minimum. It's been going well. No major IT band issues. I feel a twinge on runs longer that 5 miles, but no ice pick pain (knock on wood!) My pace seems slow, but looking at my logs for last year, I seem to be about the same. I think everyone else in my running group just got faster! I blame the 15lbs I can't seem to drop since my wedding! I think once I lose that, I will be a speed demon!

Last Sunday was the start of the race season with the Red Hook 5k. It was my 3rd running the race and the 2nd best time (last year I got a 5k PR.) The weather was perfect for running - 70 degrees, overcast, and a slight breeze. I was on pace for another PR this year, but I "bonked" on the last 3/4 mile, which is the only hill in the race. Hills have been giving me trouble lately!

Tonight I finished my longest run since my half marathon 2 years ago. 6.6 miles! It felt good even in the rain! 2 weeks until the 10k!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Run Gettysburg

So last week I was in Gettysburg for work. If you have to travel for work, Gettysburg isn't half bad. It was like a mini-vacation/school trip combined with 3 days of meetings and 21 hours in a van. Sounds like fun, doesn't it!

I managed one run while I was there, and I thought I'd share my run with all 4 of my readers. From my room at the good ole Travellodge (highly recommended!), it was just a few steps to the Battlefield. I hit the road at 6:15 AM along Cemetery ridge. I vaguely remembered from my last trip to Gettysburg (1989 or so) that there were a few ridges and hills that were part of the battle. Yup, there are a few hills in Gettysburg! I climbed for about a 1/2 mile then down, down, down to the Pennsylvania Memorial (the big dome.) On the way down the hill,I ran into a couple out for a morning run (And I thought I was the only one with this brilliant idea!) They waved and asked if I knew where the trail was. I shrugged. They gestured for me to go ahead of them, and I smiled and said, "I'm sure I'm slower than you." Boy was I a flash, they were gone!
I ran around the dome and up the road towards this rock that caught my was actually a monument(to the left of the barn). I have to say it was the strangest and coolest monument I saw in Gettysburg(and there are 1,300 on the battlefield!) I later found out it was Roxbury Puddingstone placed there for the 20th Massachusetts Regiment. Now that's a cool use of a "Rock"

It was getting late (and I'm slow,) so I turned and headed back to the Travellodge so I could get ready for my day of meetings. I cut through the site of the old Visitor's center and Cyclorama. The visitor's center has been demo'ed, but the Cyclorama is still standing (something about a lawsuit because it has some historic architectural significance - it was built by a pupal of Frank Lloyd Wright.) A new visitor's center opened last year - it's very cool!
Instead of heading back the way I came, I jumped the fence to the Gettysburg Cemetery for the last part of my run. It was here Lincoln spoke the Gettysburg address. So surreal. What a quiet, peaceful way to start my day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Track workout basics

I got a little track workout 101 today. My running group jogged a mile to the high school track where the Coastal Athletic Association (our local running club) hosts track workouts from the day after the Boston Marathon to the middle of October (26 weeks.) First, Mr "Bob" went over some track etiquette, which is good because frankly, except for high school marching band, I had never been on a track!!
Rule #1. Run counter-clockwise
Rule #2. Warm-up on the outside of the track (the outer lanes). The inner lanes are for workouts
Rule #3. Learn one word - "TRACK!" If you are doing a workout (in the inner lanes) and someone faster comes behind you, they will yell "Track" - this is your queue to MOVE OVER! - towards the right.

That's the basics....After we warmed up, we did a very simple interval workout.
- 3 laps(3x400m) of jogging on the curves and sprinting on the straights.

Simple but effective. I managed a 8 min/mi on one of my sprints! Now, I couldn't breathe after that, but it was fun!

Overall I ran 4 miles, 0.75 on the track, 3.25 on the road. A 11:43 average pace! Yeah!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 3 Report - Kick in the Butt

Finished 3 or 4 runs again this week. What is with me! I need a kick in the butt! (check it out!)

Tuesday - 2.34 mile run. Fastest this year! 11:45 pace.
Wednesday - bonked
Thursday - 3 miles in Portsmouth. Got a blister from my SoreDawgs. Darn! I'll have to go back to sans-insert. Left leg is feeling stupid again...
Friday and Saturday - cleaning(which is XT, right?)
Sunday - 3 miles. Beautiful day, slow, but felt good.

This week - We have our first group track workout on Tuesday. Yikes! Track workout? me? It brings up some horrible high school presidential fitness test memory....something I could NEVER pass as a kid. I'll try to report on that tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10k Plan week 2 Roundup

I managed 3 of my 4 scheduled runs this week....
Tuesday - 2.7 miles in Portsmouth with the group. Great run! The kind of run that keeps me coming back for more!
Wednesday - 2 miles with L and the Super Mutt! Ok run. Very windy! My left leg (the stupid one) is feeling tight. Pain in my arch. Tight Calf. I think I might have to put the Sore Dawgs in my new Omni 7s.
Thursday - 3 miles in Portsmouth. Again, tight left pain is up in the back. strange. Nice sunny day!
Weekend run - NADA! My godaughter, the "bean" or "peanut" as I now call her, came to visit. She is walking now, and she's such a riot! She toddles around saying "ma-ma," "da-da," "na-na" indiscriminately! It's quite funny! We went to Boston to visit the aquarium, but the line was literally a mile long, so we walked Quincy market instead. She was so good!

This week - The weather is warming up so I hope my "stupid leg" loosens up and I can stop feeling this constant ache....I'll post a training report this weekend....until then,

Happy Training!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Why is my blog is called Just Start Running?

Just Start Running.
Sounds simple.
You'd think!

I started running in 2007 and also started this blog to log my experiences. I named it Just Start Running because I have trouble "starting" things. I think, I plan; I organized; I double check my plan; I rethink my plan; then I start. That's just the way I am. So Just Start Running was my mantra to "stop thinking, and start running!" At first it was was easy to start running and keep running.
But life, weddings, winter, and a bout laziness interfered with my quest to be an athlete and I'd have to start the planning, thinking process all over again!

So fast forward to today; I have been trying to "start" a running plan since February. Since I was getting way to involved in the details, I broke down and joined the Runners Alley 10k training group again. I had good luck getting motivated by joining a group in the past, so I thought, why not!

The running group takes out the thinking, planning, rethinking cycle I fall into. I show up every Tuesday and Thursday, they tell me how long, hard, fast to run, and I do it. Easy as that! They also give me a 11 week plan to follow - brainless, and wonderful! So here I go. Another year, another training plan....but I'm still running :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WW and cold

I started Weight Watchers last week (well following the weight watchers food plan) and so far I'm down 2 lbs! It hasn't been too hard to get back into tracking my food. I find that to be the best way to lose weight. My secret to weight loss: Tracking food and RUNNING!

I managed to gain 10 lbs in the last 3 months....making it very HARD TO RUN! 10 pounds isn't much until you try to move it across 5 miles of frozen pavement! The cold has drastically limited my outdoor running. I have "issues" running in the cold. A, I can't breathe if it's below 30; B. my throat hurts when I run in the cold, and C. I slip and slide all over the place!! I did exercise outside this weekend in 12 degree F my throat is raw!

I guess it's best to stick to Mr treadmill until March!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

2008 Year in Review

So back in Jan 2008 I made the following goals:
1. Work back to 3 days a week by my birthday (a month away).
2. Train and RUN the Big Lake Half Marathon (key word is run)
3. Run a race a month from May to October.
4. Maintain 3 days a week running while planning a wedding for 150 people. (Can we say stress relief)
5. Stop thinking, start running!

Here are my actual stats for 2008:

* Ran 208.3 Mi/(Ran 294 in 2007)
* Entered 6 races, but no half marathons (Entered 8 in 2007)
* PR'd in the 5k, 10k and 5 miler!
* Planned a wedding for 120 people, got married, and honeymooned in Yellowstone!

So my 2008 running statistics weren't too bad considering I felt like I didn't run at all! This year should be better pending any major life events!

Goals for 2009:
* Run 500 miles one day at a time!
* Enter 7 races, including one half marathon!
* PR in the 5k, 10k, 5 miler, and half marathon!
* Find a nice flat marathon for 2010!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Years Plan

I'm back on the running wagon! While I've been off the wagon I've managed to run zero times and gain 10 pounds!.....and it's just 8 weeks days until we leave for Jamaica! I need to get my butt in gear, literally!

I'm doing Hal Higdon's Novice Half Marathon plan to get ready for a race in April. I chose Hal Higdon because it fit my 12 week schedule and didn't start off too fast! Jeff Galloway also has a good half marathon plan as I've discussed before, but he trains for 18 weeks for a half! (which is probably better, but I don't have that kind of time)

I also joined the Dover rec center because it was becoming way too difficult to run outside in the frigid weather! They've added a new treadmill, so it's not too bad. Last week was nice was empty! I was afraid people would be lined up at the treadmills with the cold weather, but there were only 3 people running!

So week I ran 2 miles on Wednesday, 2 miles on Thursday, and will do 4 miles tomorrow. 8 for the first week! (Not to bad!)