Thursday, May 7, 2009

Run Gettysburg

So last week I was in Gettysburg for work. If you have to travel for work, Gettysburg isn't half bad. It was like a mini-vacation/school trip combined with 3 days of meetings and 21 hours in a van. Sounds like fun, doesn't it!

I managed one run while I was there, and I thought I'd share my run with all 4 of my readers. From my room at the good ole Travellodge (highly recommended!), it was just a few steps to the Battlefield. I hit the road at 6:15 AM along Cemetery ridge. I vaguely remembered from my last trip to Gettysburg (1989 or so) that there were a few ridges and hills that were part of the battle. Yup, there are a few hills in Gettysburg! I climbed for about a 1/2 mile then down, down, down to the Pennsylvania Memorial (the big dome.) On the way down the hill,I ran into a couple out for a morning run (And I thought I was the only one with this brilliant idea!) They waved and asked if I knew where the trail was. I shrugged. They gestured for me to go ahead of them, and I smiled and said, "I'm sure I'm slower than you." Boy was I a flash, they were gone!
I ran around the dome and up the road towards this rock that caught my was actually a monument(to the left of the barn). I have to say it was the strangest and coolest monument I saw in Gettysburg(and there are 1,300 on the battlefield!) I later found out it was Roxbury Puddingstone placed there for the 20th Massachusetts Regiment. Now that's a cool use of a "Rock"

It was getting late (and I'm slow,) so I turned and headed back to the Travellodge so I could get ready for my day of meetings. I cut through the site of the old Visitor's center and Cyclorama. The visitor's center has been demo'ed, but the Cyclorama is still standing (something about a lawsuit because it has some historic architectural significance - it was built by a pupal of Frank Lloyd Wright.) A new visitor's center opened last year - it's very cool!
Instead of heading back the way I came, I jumped the fence to the Gettysburg Cemetery for the last part of my run. It was here Lincoln spoke the Gettysburg address. So surreal. What a quiet, peaceful way to start my day.

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RunningRamblings said...

Nice post. I really enjoy Gettysburg and running in the battle field. You have to do it early in the morning, like you did. Otherwise all of the visitors in cars make it hazardous since they look everywhere except at the road in front of them. Glad you got a run in while you were there.