Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10k Plan week 2 Roundup

I managed 3 of my 4 scheduled runs this week....
Tuesday - 2.7 miles in Portsmouth with the group. Great run! The kind of run that keeps me coming back for more!
Wednesday - 2 miles with L and the Super Mutt! Ok run. Very windy! My left leg (the stupid one) is feeling tight. Pain in my arch. Tight Calf. I think I might have to put the Sore Dawgs in my new Omni 7s.
Thursday - 3 miles in Portsmouth. Again, tight left leg....today pain is up in the back. strange. Nice sunny day!
Weekend run - NADA! My godaughter, the "bean" or "peanut" as I now call her, came to visit. She is walking now, and she's such a riot! She toddles around saying "ma-ma," "da-da," "na-na" indiscriminately! It's quite funny! We went to Boston to visit the aquarium, but the line was literally a mile long, so we walked Quincy market instead. She was so good!

This week - The weather is warming up so I hope my "stupid leg" loosens up and I can stop feeling this constant ache....I'll post a training report this weekend....until then,

Happy Training!

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Amy said...

Great job on your running! Hope your running continues to go well!