Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 3 Report - Kick in the Butt

Finished 3 or 4 runs again this week. What is with me! I need a kick in the butt! (check it out!)

Tuesday - 2.34 mile run. Fastest this year! 11:45 pace.
Wednesday - bonked
Thursday - 3 miles in Portsmouth. Got a blister from my SoreDawgs. Darn! I'll have to go back to sans-insert. Left leg is feeling stupid again...
Friday and Saturday - cleaning(which is XT, right?)
Sunday - 3 miles. Beautiful day, slow, but felt good.

This week - We have our first group track workout on Tuesday. Yikes! Track workout? me? It brings up some horrible high school presidential fitness test memory....something I could NEVER pass as a kid. I'll try to report on that tomorrow!

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