Friday, June 8, 2007

Road to the 10k

Over the last 2 weeks I have been trying to up my mileage in preparation for the Market Square 10k.

Week 1 - I did 3.5 miles Tuesday, 2.5 Thursday and 6.2 on Saturday (Dry run)
L and I ran the Market Sqaure 10k course last week. Our goal was to finishe the course and have a "pleasant" experience. This would be our first attempt at 6 miles. The most I had done before this was 3.5! We finished it in under an 1:30. That was with walking the entire 4th mile! the course is hilly, but the neighborhoods are shady - it should be fun!

Week 2 - 3 miles Monday, 2 miles Thursday.
We did a gym run on Monday. I was traviling the rest of the week, and didn't get out until Thursday morning. I ran down near the Portland wharfs. THe was beautiful!

Next stop 6.2 miles!

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