Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back on the wagon - New Shoes

After a rocky 2 weeks post half-marathon, I ran today with no pain! Granted, I only did 22, very boring, minutes on the treadmill. It felt it good. I think I need to change my schedule to be able to run outside in the daylight. I won't make it through the winter if I have to rely on the treadmill! Any thoughts on a winter workout routine???

I ran in my new Asics GT-2130 running shoes for the first time - my trade in for the Saucony Trigon 5. I bought the Saucony's a week before the half and actually ran the race in them, but they killed my right foot!! Between the blister on my toe and the pain in my arch - they had to go. So my running store let me trade them in (so nice of them!) I can't officially review the Saucony Trigon 5 because I only ran 20 miles in them. They just didn't feel comfortable on my right foot. The Asics seem to fit well so far and no knee pain yet! The shoe genius at my favorite running store said I pronate with my left, but not with my right. It makes fitting me with shoes a challenge. The Saucony Omni 6 I had for 5 months prior to the half marathon were comfortable, but they didn't hold up well. I wore down the right side of the right sole to the cushion. Not a good sign! So I'm trying the GT-2130.


Jesse said...

As a beginning runner myself, I've already run twice in cold weather here in Chicago- and it was wonderful. As long as you pick the right clothes for the temperatures, once you begin running, you warm up enough to have a comfortable run. Good luck and happy running!

Nicole said...

Oh, that's a stinker that one foot pronates and the other doesn't. Shoe shopping can be such a pain in the butt. I know nothing about feet or shoes, but I wonder if you can get an orthotic for just one shoe. Or maybe you just need to mix and match them. :)