Monday, November 19, 2007

Post Half Marathon Recovery

As you saw from my half marathon race report, I am having some serious knee pain while running. But I am on the road to recovery! I'm doing everything I can think of to rest and stretch my IT bands:

* I had a therapeutic sports massage last Thursday - trigger point therapy on my IT bands and hips. It hurt like heck! He left bruises on the side of my legs!
* I have been stretching my legs and taking pilates - seems to be loosing my quads and hips.
* I've been using the foam roller and the stick on my IT bands - also hurts like heck , but feels so good!
* I started light weight training on my legs and hips to balance my quads. My right leg is weaker than my left, so I'm doing leg lifts, hamstring curls, side raises and abductor exercises with one leg at a time.

I did run 3 miles on Saturday, but the knee pain returned at mile 2 - had to walk the last mile home :( I think I need to trash the new shoes and switch back my old saucony omni 6! The trigon 5 are killing my right foot. It may be a loss!

Today, I ran 10 minutes on the treadmill (with my old sneakers) prior to my leg strengthening. Not bad. I may try 3 miles tomorrow. Everyone I've talked to says to ease back into it, so I'm taking it slow.

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