Thursday, November 8, 2007

3 days to the half!

ok, peeps. We are down to the wire! Only 3 days to go to the 21k, 13.1 miles, half marathon!!

Yes, my knee/leg/IT band thingy is still hurting. I ran 7 miles last Friday and my leg kinda went numb. After the run, I actually broke down and bought new running shoes a good 100 miles early. I was wearing down my right shoe more than my left, which could be putting stress on my right leg/knee. I got the Saucony Trigon 5 Guide. They are a lot like my Omni 6, but with a little less support to allow my right foot to maintain a normal position. So far they feel good, but my knee still hurts!

I did finish the Great Bay 5k last Saturday. When I say finish, I mean I went 3.1 miles in a certain amount of time (my slowest 5k yet!). My knee was throbbing! My friend L passed me at mile 2 as I was limping along. I didn't have a full 24 hours between the 7 mile run and the race. NOT SMART! I met up with the owner of the running store I frequent (a lot) after the race. She said to take it easy this week - RICE (rest ice compression elevation). I have not run since the 5k - and only plan on a 30 minute run tomorrow so I can get in a good stretch. We'll see how it goes. If all else fails, I will be run/walking the 21k on Sunday.

I'll keep you posted!

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