Sunday, October 28, 2007

ok, 12 miles down!

I finished the last long run of my half marathon training! When I say finished, I mean I moved my body 12.5 miles - 4 of which I had to walk. I was having a great run - it was cool and rainy - perfect temperature for running. I felt great! About 7 miles into the run, running down Sagramore Hill (biggest hill in Portsmouth,) my right knee started throbbing! It was excruciating! I'm sure it was my IT band tightening, but I just could NOT stretch it out! I jogged/walked another mile, but I could ONLY sustain a run for a minute. I walked the remaining 4 or so miles and made it back drenched, cold, sore, and grumpy, but I covered all 12 miles!

Now, I'm sitting on the couch, icing my knee, stretching, and eating ibuprofen. It feels a lot better today, but I think I'll take it easy this week. I start my taper Monday, so hopefully lots of stretching, easy running, and ice will work out the pain! My new plan is to just finish the half marathon - no time goal or perfect pace. I just need to get my body 13.1 miles!


Nicole said...

It sounds like a tough 12 miles, but you made it! 12 miles is still 12 long miles

Good luck with your taper! I hope your knee feels better.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Nik! The knee is much better. Stretching is good!