Saturday, October 6, 2007

7.25 mile run!

This morning's group run was awesome. My longest run yet! My group was going 8.5 miles, but since I hadn't done 7 miles yet, my plan was to turn around part way and make it a 7 mile run.

We got started at 8am - about 75 degrees and no wind. The group took off like a bat out of hell, and I just let them go and settled into my pace with my new Feist CD on my mp3 player. I felt pretty good with one of my homemade gu in my belly. At the 45 minute mark, I had my second Gu (a real Gu this time that I got free from the running store.) It tasted like paste, but it settled ok. At the 7 mile turn around point, I felt like I could do 8, but I was sure I was at the end of the group, so instead of being dead last, I ran about another tenth of a mile and turned around.

Come to find out, I was not dead last - there were 4 people behind me! 2 of them turned around too, and we made our way back to the start. My knee started twinging at the end, but I think it's from a tight quad, not an actually knee issue (at least I hope!) I got a good stretch in and feel great now. Tomorrow is the Great Island 5k - until tomorrow!

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