Thursday, October 11, 2007

9 miles - and I'm still alive!

I did my weekly long run tonight instead of Saturday. 9 miles! I averaged a 12 minute mile, which was good since I had to stop 5 times for various things.
Stop 1: To fix my right sock that was cramping my toes
Stop 2: 30 minutes in - water and homemade gu break
Stop 3: Stretch my calves that started getting stiff
Stop 4: 60 minutes in - water and homemade gu break
Stop 5: Stretch my hamstrings.

So as you can tell - my legs were tight! I need to get in some good stretching this weekend. I spent 20 minutes stretching after then run, but the legs are still stiff. I hope this gets better - I wouldn't want to feel this spent after the half marathon!

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Brian said...


Sounds like you had a real nice runs. I love the longer runs, I do some of my best thinking during my long runs.

Looks like you're making some real progress with you're running, leep it up!