Friday, February 15, 2008

I've graduated!

After 4 weeks of PT for my IT band, I am allowed to run again! Yipee! The PT said my main issue is not really my IT band, but weak gluts. I have a weak butt! HA! Actually my weak butt causes my running form to degrade as I approach 6-7 miles. Once that happens my IT band tries to compensate and causes me PAIN!

So my first run in a month was 2 miles with L and her husband (they were my chaperons!) It felt ok. My knee and leg were fine, but my breathing sucked! So much for maintaining a base! I guess I need to slowly work back into a training regimen.

I think the key to keeping the pain away is to keep up the butt exercises and to stretch before and after running. My PT gave me some great butt exercises and active stretches that I will post next week (with pictures!)

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