Thursday, May 8, 2008

Week 5 in Review

With the 5k race, I forgot to post a 10k training week 5 review. It wasn't a bad week. However, I had the great idea of NOT running two days in a row as written in the training schedule. So my week went like this:
M - rest
Tu - 3 miles in the DRIVING RAIN!
W - Leg workout/stretching
Th - 4 miles (hills!)
Fr - rest
Sa - 5k Race
Su - Rest

I don't think skipping my Wednesday run really helped. I still felt tired on my Thursday and Saturday run. Maybe it's a lack of sleep....maybe it's too little protein....i don't know! So next week I'll go back to the schedule as printed, tu, wed, th, and sa.....we'll see if I can do it!

Hey! Half way to the 10k!

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