Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Week 8.....5k PR!

Week 8 started slow because I was in Michigan for work. I only hit the dreadmill once, and that was only for 15 minutes...:( How do people get in their training runs on work trips??? I can never find the time! I was so exhausted, I could bearly stay upright, let along run. Once I got home I started to think it was the lack of running that was making me so tired! That and the pollen that has taken up residence in my upper respiratory system!

I finally did get in a 6 mile run on Friday - it was slow, but I made it.

Sunday, I ran the Red Hook/Runners Alley 5k. It was the one year anniversary of my first ever 5k! I can't believe it has been a year!

The race start was warm, but there was no humidity, which was the biggest change from last year. Over 2000 runners lined up at the startline at 11 am and the gun when off! It took me nearly a minute to cross the startline from when I heard the gun - thank goodness they use timing chips in this race!

I took off at a fast pace without a water bottle or ipod/nike +. I was FREE of all accessories! Actually, at mile 1, I was wishing for my water bottle - my mouth was so DRY! I never really missed the ipod because the pack never seemed to dissipate so I was distracted by all the other runners.

At the half way point I grabbed some water and managed to choke on it! I'm so used to running with my own water, I'm not used to drinking out of a cup! I had to walk for a few seconds to actually get a full drink - the rest went over my head!

The last mile was a bit rough. The honeysuckle, lilac, and tree pollen was causing my allergies to go wild and I couldn't get a full breath. Then I rounded the corner to the finish line and I heard someone yell "finish strong!" Something clicked in my head and I started to push it the last 100 yards. I actually had a slight kick in my stride! I crossed the finish line with a gun time of 33:55. My watch said 33:01, a PR! As I walked through the finish coral, a wave of nausea came over me and I nearly lost my breakfast all over a nice volunteer! I spotted Matt on the sideline and motioned to him to give me his water. I took a sip and bent over to untie my timing chip and nearly puked on my shoes....I have felt bad after a race, but never like I was going to puke! I did manage to get my chip off without puking and walked out of the coral. As soon as I got out of the crowd, I felt better. 33:03 was my official chip time - just 3 seconds faster than my October 5k PR. Even better than a PR, I was 3:20 faster this year! I'm making some improvement!

L and her husband ran as well - L got a rockin' PR! She finished almost 45 seconds a head of me! Her husband paced her so she could keep a sub-10:30 pace. That's what I need - a pacer! Actually, I don't think I could have gone any faster if I tried! All in all, a great 5k!

So, here are the Weeks totals:
M - N/A
T - N/A
W - 1.25 miles
Th - N/A
Fr - 6 miles
Sa - N/A
Su - 5k PR!
Total Run - 10.35 miles (should have been 16)

Should be back on my normal running schedule this coming week....3 weeks til the 10k!

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