Wednesday, June 4, 2008

IT band acting up again.....what the %^$#!!!

So 2 weeks to the big 10k and my IT band flairs up again. I'm so frustrated with this thing! 6 weeks of PT, anti-inflammatory drugs, massage, tiger balm....nothing seems to keep this thing at bay! I can make it to 6 miles, but once I cross that magic line, the pain, stiffness, and fatigue returns....AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

So yesterday I broke down and ordered a pattstrap, a foam strap you wrap around your quad to keep the IT band from rubbing on the knee bone. Everyone keeps telling me not to use a brace because it's just a bandaid, but at this point....I need a bandaid!!! I'll post a review once I use it. Stay tuned!


Maddy said...

I have heard the band aid comment before - or that long term it will make you weaker.

My opinion is - whatever works for you, works. I wear not one, but two petalla straps (they go right below the knee) because without them after about 7 miles it feels like I have crawled on glass.

With the straps, I could run forver. Like I said... Whatever works for you.

I hope the strap helps you!

Lori (aka--toughnoodles) said...

Have you heard of dmso? is not suppposed to be sold for human use, but you can get it--ask around at health stores--someone will steer you to it.

DMSO is what Alberto Salazar used for a bad case of IT band syndrome. (Along with strength training and stretching..blah..blah)

Anyway---feel no guilt and wear the band.

I've had it a couple times. (It's terrible.)


Gordon said...

My problem with ITBS, I came to find out was bad hip and hamstring flexibility, and my shoes, which were dead. have you thought about the shoes?

I have some ITB/hip stretches linked on my blog: scroll down a few posts and you will find them