Thursday, June 5, 2008

State vs State Challenge!

I've been playing around with the Runner + challenges for a few weeks now. They have various running challenges - men vs women; east coast vs west coast; married vs single; million feet running (most miles per person), etc....where is the state challenge? In my travels, people are always comparing their state to another - why not compare the running habits of our 50 states(ok, I mean 46 states, 4 commonwealths!!)?

So I did it. I created a State vs State challenge.

Which state will run the most by the close of 2008? I'm curious..... Think of it as a social/fitness experiment!! Will the winning state just have more internet junkies than all others????.....or do people actually run more in Arizona, Michigan, or Massachusetts???? We'll have to wait and see....join the challenge!

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