Sunday, May 4, 2008

First 5k of 2008!

Saturday was the Children's museum 5k, my first race of 2008 - official time 34:47.

I have mixed feelings about it. It was my second fastest 5k ever, which means I haven't lost much from my 3 month hiatus from running. That's good!! However, I got passed by almost EVERYONE I know! I was passed by all my friends from my current training group, my buddies from last years half marathon, L and her husband, even the nun and the kids from st. charles home! It was kinda demoralizing! My stomach was feeling funky and my legs were feeling heavy.

So, although I am faster than I was LAST may, I'm still a slowpoke....i guess i need to just keep running!

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Pathfinder said...

Point is that you are only really competing against yourself....doesn't matter how manny people pass you.....Think about all the people that are not passing you because they are still sitting on the couch watching TV..