Monday, April 28, 2008

Twitterings - Week 4

There is a new addition to the juststartrunning world - TWITTER! It's one of those social websites(sorta like myspace & facebook...)that are as addicting as they are informative. My twitterings will be updated on the right side of the blog, even when I don't have time to blog! Check it out!

Week 4 of my 10k training was ok. As you know, Tuesday was a great run - But Wednesday's was horrid - HOT and slow. Thursday was equally painful, but I finished! My left leg has turned into a peg leg. It's stiff and sore. No icepick pain in the knee, but my quad is sore. Skipped Saturday's run for a trip to NY.....yes, I'm bad!

Week 4 roundup:
Monday - off
Tuesday - 3 miles (great!)
Wednesday - 3 miles (HOT)
Thursday - 3.6 miles (painful)
Friday - Sunday - off (playing hooky!)
Total - 9.6 miles

So I played hooky, but I think after 2 crappy runs, I needed a break. Back on the wagon tomorrow!


CewTwo said...

Fun comments in a fun blog! You are perceptive!

I like the title. Just start running is what everybody who runs has to do at the beginning.

I have to admit that I am new to Runner+, but I like the site very much! I'm glad ytou stopped by to see my profile!

Keep up the blog.

Where are you running your 10K at? I have a 10K scheduled for May 10th. Of course, I am in training for a half-marathon, so after I cool down from the race I get to run an additional 6 miles later. I'll probably run home...


Rebecca said...

I'm training for the Market Square 10k in Portsmouth, NH on June 14! Hoping for a PR!

g'luck with the half-marathon!