Sunday, April 20, 2008

Week 3 Completed!

I've finished up week 3 of my 10k training. Week 3 went much better than week 2! I actually completed all 4 of my training runs, albeit on different days then were scheduled!

M - 2.5 miles
T - 2.6 miles (super cramp!)
W - walk at lunch
Th - 3 miles
F - off
Sa - off
Su - 3 miles
TOTAL - 11.1 miles!!

The super stomach cramp I got Tuesday never reappeared (thank goodness!)....I read on that running too fast can cause stomach cramps. I definitely wasn't running fast, but I could have been going too fast for my "fitness level" as the article puts it. I'm still averaging a 11:40 or so minute mile pace; not exactly rocket speed. I'm wondering how I will ever get to my goal of running a 10:00 min/mile??!!

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