Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Pain has relocated itself!

Tuesday's run started out great! It was 60 degrees and sunny. A perfect day to run. I started out at a good pace, feeling great. Then, at mile 1.5 or so, I got a side stitch. No big deal, I've had side stitches before, and usually breathe right through them. At mile 2, the side stitch moved to the middle of my stomach - and turned into a "bend ya over, stop your running, can't breathe, make you whine" stomach cramp. I've NEVER had a stomach cramp that painful! So I stopped running and tried to walked it out. I raised my hands above my head, took a deep breath, and tried to relax. It took about 3 minutes to subside, then I shuffled the remaining 0.5 miles. With that said, my knee had NO PAIN!

That night, my stomach felt like I did 100 crunches. Very strange. I have no idea what triggered such a spasm, but I don't want to relive that again!

Any thoughts on a cause?

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Pokey said...

No thoughts, but just wanted to say OUCH in honor of you ;) I havent gotten side stitches in a while, but its interesting that it moved to your stomach. Did you eat anything strange before running? Maybe the side stitch and the stomach thing are unrelated? Who knows...I'm still trying to figure out this whole running thing! ;)