Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week 2 Done!

Ok, Week 2 is finished - That's the good news. The bad news - I was bad :( I only ran once (yes, yell at me, please!!)

I have a ton of excuses, really! I was sick, I went to a red sox game, it was raining, I think I was poisoned, we were helping my dad sheetrock a a hallway....the list goes on!

SO here's how the week went:
Monday - XT with Matt - We walked 2 miles around our neighborhood. Good start!
Tuesday - My group run was great! 2.5 miles, no PAIN!
Wednesday - I went looking for a Red sox shirt and got home after dark...lame excuse, I know!
Thursday I went to see the Red Sox - no time to run....Red Sox win! 12-6
Friday I was poisoned by some unknown food - or maybe it was the beer. No running - just lots of whining.
Weekend was shot. We helped my Dad sheetrock.

Monday starts a new week!

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