Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fox Point 5 miler

A new PR for me! Granted, the Fox Point 5 Miler was my first 5 mile race, so any time was a PR - BUT, tracing the times from my 10ks, this was the fastest 5 miles EVER! And I managed this during 90 degrees weather and 100% humidity!

Matt and I arrived at the race at about 3:30 for the 5pm start. I had been hydrating all day and had some chicken and fruit for lunch (at a friend's BBQ.) After picking up my bib and race bag - I hung out in the car listening to the thunder rumble in and the weather report. The forecast was for storms (dah!) before the start of the race, so we kept close to the car to stay dry. It started to sprinkle, but never stormed. I began eating my bag of Cliff bloks around 4:15 and had one every 15 minutes until the start. I felt good, hydrated, and ready in the heat (yeah right!)

The start of the race was a nice down hill. Then we circled around a loop twice, and out fox point rd. The air was dead through the first 2 miles, and it was a bit hard to breathe. I walked after each mile marker; taking a drink and wiping the sweat. I'm glad I had my little water bottle because there was no water at the first water stop! Come on people!

At mile 3 the hills began. I knew it was coming, and was ready for it. I use the arm technique that Dave (a Team in training coach) told me. I swung my arms parallel to my sides (not across) and use my arms to power me up the hill. I also imagined hugging the hill (as Diane our trainer likes to say) and I made it up! Of course, half way up the hill, the route takes a right DOWN a cul-de-sac - then you rejoin the hill a quarter mile later - that part SUCKED!

At the 4 mile mark, the hills lessened and I knew I was going to finish. I had my last cliff blok, which gave me a little boost.

I was on pace to finish in under an hour....and I did finish in under an hour! 59:01! a 11:48 min mile pace...not bad!


Nicole said...

Congrats on your race! Especially at 90 degrees and 100% humidity!

I love your reflections on your 5 months of running. I think Dan is starting to understand your #1. :)
You've done so great over these months!

Brian said...

Sounds like your rocking it.
Im with ya, the hills and humidity are hard on the body, but you will be stronger of a runner for it.
I like your blog, you sound like a real person.

Rebecca said...

thanks guys! your comments mean a lot to me!