Saturday, September 15, 2007

Six miles, sickness, and lasagna

How's that for a title!

Yes, I was sick this week - a stomach thing. I missed my Wednesday run due to a Red Sox game (Ortiz's walk off home run!!) and missed my Thursday run due to a GI/stomach thing. The stomach thing was probably due to all the crappy food I ate at the game: wings, stuffed potato skins, know - crap! My stomach is not equip to handle that much junk!

Anyway, back to running.

I ran 4 on Tuesday with the group, 2.5 Friday and 6 today, yes SIX - with NO walking!! I think it's my longest run with no walk breaks. I, again, was the pokie one in my running group, but I managed all 6 miles in one hour, 6 minutes! Not too shabby! I felt pretty good. My stomach still isn't 100%, but it's much better.

Oh, the lasagna! Matt and I went to Dante's in Barrington last night - YUM! I heard it was the best italian place in the Seacoast and IT IS! Their lasagna was super yummy, the salad was superb, the mussels were to die for and the bread - ah, the bread. I'm still dreaming about the roasted garlic, olive oil dip for the bread! If you ever make it to NH, check out Dante's for a pre-run meal!

Off to another Red Sox game! GAME REPORT COMING TOMORROW!

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