Sunday, September 16, 2007

Red Sox win 10-1!

I know I usually blog about running and running related things, but since I went to my FIRST Red Sox v. Yankees game yesterday - I had to post this!

I guess I was expecting utter pandemonium - people acting crazy, but it was just like any other game. Yes, I have to admit that there were just a FEW more drunk people - a few more "Yankee's Suck" chants - a few more fans ejected, but nothing crazy! It was a great game, and a great day to hang out at one of my favorite places - Fenway Park.


Brian said...

I love the Sox!
I live in GA, I moved from South Shore area of MA a year and a half ago, and I miss watching the Sox every night.
Living in the ATL area is easy, We hate the Mets and Giants, the same as Boston, Yanks and Jets. So either in Bos or Atl, its simple, I just hate all NY teams.

Rebecca said...

It's always great to meet another Boston fan!