Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fast group run

Did a group run today out to New Castle - made it to the second bridge and back in 30 minutes - a sub 11 minute mile!!

I was trying to keep up with the mid-level runners and I did for about a mile - then I died! But I did have a good run!

We had a guest speaker at our running group tonight - a chiropractor who talked about streching; recovery; and injury prevention. Here are some of the highlights:

* 10% rule - increase your longest run by 10% a week, not more.
* F.I.T. - Frequency, Intensity, and Time. Do not increase 2 of these things at a time when training.
* Have a recovery drink or food within 15 minutes after a run for maximum carb absorption.
* Some recovery drinks : recoverite; ultragen; powerbar recovery drink; chocolate milk.
* Take a total rest day every 7-10 days.
* Use the stick (I love mine!)
* Consume a high quality glutamine enhanced whey protein isolate with water at bedtime (do not mix with a carb)
* Try active isolate stretching (AIS)
* Stay hydrated throughout the day
* Drink 4-6oz of water every 15 minutes
* Practice using the sports drink you will be using at your race
* Use proper running posture - chirunning.com


Nicole Wong said...

That's such a lovely lighthouse. You must have a gorgeous route!

Good job on the run. :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks! It's the Portsmouth Harbor lighthouse in New Castle, NH. You just gotta love New England!