Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where I Run

Susan from Arkansas has a great blog - I run for my Life. She did a "where I run" post recently that I heard about on the 4feetrunning podcast. I thought it was a great idea, so here is this evenings run.

Here is the road outside my house, my usual starting point.

My house, as well has this whole area, was the old King's Grant Farm back in the 1600's. Here is one of many barns I pass.

There is a 45 acre horse ranch at about .6 miles into my run - I love to watch the horses!

Dover Rec football has started - it's great to see so many kids out playing!

Then I pass the County Farm, which is the Strafford County Correctional Facility (aka prison.) There is also a nursing home, day care, courthouse, animal shelter, and hospice facility here...NH sure knows how to consolidate!

After I pass the County Farm, I have a nice open road! After this, the hills begin!! I didn't do a hill run today, but maybe I can capture it next week. (I ran a little late tonight - it's getting dark - time to turn around!)

Final pic before it gets too dark to see! I love running at sunset -

So that's where I run. I have to say, it was fun to run with the camera. I see all kinds of cool stuff when I'm out there, and it's fun to share it. I'll try to remember my camera on one of my New Castle lighthouse runs...


Susan said...

Your running area reminds me of my own. Very cool!

Brian said...

You have a real cool blog.
I really like to see the placed people run, I will take the camera out on the Sat 7 miler and snap a few.

Nicole Wong said...

What a great run you have! NH's such a pretty state. Thanks for sharing!