Thursday, August 16, 2007

Saunders at Rye Harbor 10k Race

So I didn't get a PR, like I'd hoped. I had been running well this week and thought I may be able to hold dowm 11 to 11:30 min/miles - NOT! It was 82 degrees at the start of the race with very little wind. By the end of the first mile there was NO wind and I was drenched in sweat. I knew from last weeks run that the course was pretty flat, so I could just cruze along at the fastest pace I could muster. The residents of the little town of Rye, NH were out, lining the streets, cheering us slowpokes on, which was nice to see at a 6pm race. Many residents put out hoses and sprinklers to run through (very much appreciated!)

I managed the first mile in 10:43; second in 12:02; third in 12:43(a hill!); fourth in 12:50; fifth in 12:29; and sixth in 13:41. I kept with my plan to walk a minute every mile and with the heat, I needed the rest. I felt fine up to the fifth mile - very hot, but in general, felt good. I noticed I was slowing down as people behind me started passing me. I had been running on and off with a guy dressed as superman, and he passed me walking! And then, 5.5 miles, I thought I might be having a heart attack. I'm only 29, so a heart attack wouldn't be normal! My chest felt tight and I couldn't catch my breath. We were running into a pretty stiff headwind, so that might of contributed to the feeling. I stopped to walk and felt better instantly. I walked around a tight cornor near Rye Harbor State Park, passed a cop directing traffic and though, it's only .7 miles - RUN! So, I ran the rest of the course - around rye harbor, and up the driveway to Saunders Resturant. So many people were already leaving the race, there was just a thin corridor for me to run up the drive. I did manage to kick it up the last 100 yards to finish in 1:17:something seconds - (I'll update this when it's posted to

I saw Matt at the finishing coral, and he asked if I was ok - I actually felt pretty good - tired, but good. I was a bit disappointed with the race, both in my time, the lack of water at the end of the race (the food and drink tent was EMPTY!), the lack of chip timing, and the lack of t-shirts! They did have beer and cake, so I filled up on some carbs and headed for home. Next race comes in on!


Nicole Wong said...

Not even rye bread! I can't believe they didn't have water at the end. Congrats in finishing in that heat!

Brian said...

Not having enough water at the finish is really bad. It’s been hot for awhile it was expected they have no excuse. This has happened to me before, no food, only small tee shirts left, and I always think too myself, I need to run faster or I’m not going to get anything.
You’re doing a nice job with the blog, keep it up.

Keep the rubber side down,


Anonymous said...

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