Saturday, August 25, 2007

Luna Bars are bad

So, I'm starting week 4 of my 14 week Seacoast half-marathon training. Today's long run was not as pleasant as I hoped. Enter the Luna Bar.

I love Luna bars. I have consumed them before - while hiking, for a quick snack - but never for breakfast. So today, I decided to try a Luna bar as a pre-run breakfast. I did this against my better judgment, but a runner in my group swears her morning energy on Luna bars.

So I ate a Luna Bar, Lemonzest flavor, at 7am or so and started out for a 5 mile run at 8am with my running group. It was, I should explain, about 80 degrees at 8 am - with 100% humidity! So we started running and at the one mile mark, I started feeling funny - like I had a brick in my stomach! I started to think about turning around, but I really wanted to do 5 miles! At mile 2, the cramp in my stomach was so sharp I had to walk, so I turned around and started walking back. I jogged for a few minutes, but the funny feeling in my stomach made me stop - I did catch up to some other women in my running group who were also walking back as well - come to find out, one of the women I caught up to had some almonds for breakfast and they did not agree with her. I could totally relate! Lesson learned: Luna bars are a bad pre-run snack. Almonds are a bad pre-run snack. I should stick to what works - plain toast or english muffin with butter. I wanted to try something with protein to keep up my energy over an hour run. I think I'll have to try some of that gu or cliff blocs or something mid-run.

New mp3 playlist this week:
“Outrageous” Paul Simon
“Life Less Ordinary” Carbon Leaf
“When I’m up” Great Big Sea
“Vertigo” U2
“What’s the Frequency, Kenneth” R.E.M
“Ants Marching” Dave Matthews Band
“Says in Mexico” Toby Keith
"Would you go with me" Josh Turner
"Hills of Connemara" Gailic Storm
"Slide" Goo Goo Dolls

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Brian said...

Hi, real nice blog.

I know the Dover area it’s very nice place.
I like to eat a banana and a half of bagle with penutbutter about 30 minutes before I do a longer run, 60-80 minutes. If I am going out on a shorter run I won’t eat, I have enough stored calories. This way my body used to burning and replacing the stored glycogen.
I do like the GU brand gels, try the Espresso Love, it’s real good, and its simple carbs so it kicks in fast.