Monday, April 16, 2007

111th Monsoon Marathon

I think I've mentioned that the weather in New England SUCKS!

Today was the 111th Boston Marathon - and it's 35F and raining. Can we say sucky?

Actually, I tried for a hour to get to work, going through 4 detours around flooded roads, and my office was CLOSED. This unplanned day off did allow me to watch the Boston Marathon on TV. I am so proud on those brave runners out there! I don't know if I have the courage or stamina to ever run a marathon, but in these conditions - they are superheros!

I followed my favorite marathoner on Stever runner from Phedippidations.
Steve is a podcaster that creates a very cool podacst about running. His ramblings are one of the main reasons I started running. I started listening to him at work last November and finally (In January), started running to the podcasts. I haven't caught some of this new podcasts, but I knew he was running the Boston Marathon, so I tracked his bib #. I know from reading Steve's website and listening to his podcasts, that he didn't make his goal time, but he improved from last year, which is great considering the MONSOON!

Great Job Steve!

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